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As 2019 was coming to a close, Hungry Hog and Weasel Inn realized that if we were to continue being successful and grow, we were going to have to change our business approach. Having a 20×20 kitchen with all the equipment and soda machines takes a lot of effort to build and pack away and dealing with weather, and so many other factors, we decided to upgrade to an 8.5×22′ food trailer. Doing this would also give us the ability to operate daily when there were no shows and to really grow. 2020 was going to be a big year after all the rain and bad weather of 2019…and then COVID-19 happened and many of us who make our entire living on festivals and big events watched in horror as all our shows canceled…a six-figure a year worth of sales just GONE! But life and bills continue to happen and all of us watched as savings and downpayments started to shrink. And now, because I didn’t have a food trailer or a brick and mortar business, they wouldn’t permit us to work. The world has made making ends meet a little tough, but we have hustled and kept going the best we can, but now we have reached a point that I must reach out to our family and friends and ask for a little help. Since I haven’t been able to show a steady income this year, I now have to come up with a much larger down payment and I need to come up with some cash and we have some options!
Gift Cards and Merchandise

That’s right, you can now buy Hungry Hog and Weasel Inn Sassparilly T-Shirts and Hats and Blankets to rep your favorite Veteran-Owned Small Business, or you can purchase gift cards which can be redeemed for our products either online or at events, or local at the Food Trailer or for Catering. Great Gift Ideas. Between now and the end of the year, all merchandise and gift cards will go toward the down payment and getting the trailer here from Mississippi when it is completed.


The Holidays are coming and what better way to kick off the Holidays than by winning a great raffle basket of prizes! Tickets are $25 each or 5 for $100 and are the prizes cool! All proceeds from ticket sales go directly towards my trailer down payment

Basket 1

This gift basket is the BBQ Lovers dream! It features a CampChef SmokePro Pellet Grill/Smoker, custom Hungry Hog apron, a Grill Utensil and Cleaning Set, a custom bottle opener, and a specially designed 2-liter growler from Gypsy at The Clay Goddess! Over $1200 value, all for you!

Basket 2


Local (150-mile range) Only

Only- This gift basket is a RARE opportunity to experience some of the most coveted meat on the planet. Japanese Wagyu Beef and Iberico Pork from Spain make this an experience not be missed! This fully Catered BBQ Dinner for 8 will feature a Wagyu Brisket, Wagyu Steaks (all with a marbling score of 8+), a sample of Japanese A5 Ribeye with a marbling score of 12, and all the BBQ Sides to go with it! Expertly prepared and served by Hungry Hog’s owner and Executive Chef, Pat Reule. Truly a rare and memorable dinner party for your family!

Basket 3

A $1000 Hungry Hog / Weasel Inn gift card that can be used for your next catering or big event, or just splurge for yourself! Our gift cards are electronic and redeemable online or any place we are up and running! We are also throwing in a couple of custom T-shirts and a custom refillable 1 Liter bottle from Gypsy at The Clay Goddess! Think of the Super Bowl Party you could have!! Message us for more information about bringing the Hungry Hog BBQ Trailer to your next event!

Basket 4

The Date Night Package! We’re offering a $500 Hungry Hog / Weasel Inn gift card and two 4 packs of movie tickets, custom made 2 Liter growler from Gypsy at The Clay Goddess filled with our ice-cold handcrafted root beer, and free refills for a whole year! A solid package of food, drink, and entertainment!

Basket 5


Local (100 miles) –

The Holiday Party!

The Holiday Party! Local catering within 100 miles. We will deliver your choice of two types of meat (20 lbs Each), three-party trays with your choice of BBQ sides, and a tray of our signature banana pudding! We can make your next holiday get together unforgettable!

Rules & Information

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